What Barack Obama (Would Have) Said About PELC 2017

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Now, this blog was originally entitled, “What Barack Obama Said About PELC 2017.”

But I decided against it. Why? Because in my mind I could see at least three groups reading the blog.

  • Group one might have thought it was in bad taste.
  • Group two might have thought, “the title is just not true!”
  • Group three might have thought it was just a desperate promotional ploy.

And the winner is group number three! So let me tell you “10 Things Barack Obama (Would Have) Said About PELC 2017”…if he knew anything about it, and if he was interested in it, and if the girls didn’t have soccer, and if Michelle let him out the house, etc. You get the picture. Obama would have said:

One: “Man, this conference is a big deal!”

The Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council (PELC) has been meeting in December for almost 40 years. Started by amazing leaders like E.E. Cleveland, C.E. Dudley, R. E. Woodfork and others, it is now the  largest and longest running annual continuing education conference for ministers and church leaders in the Adventist Church. Approximate 2000 ministers and lay leaders gather for 4 days of fellowship, instruction, and inspiration. The dates are December 3-6, 2017.

Two: “You couldn’t have picked a better location. I love HBCUs”

The conference is held in the city of Huntsville, Alabama on the beautiful campus Oakwood University.

Three: “I love the theme this year.”

The theme for PELC 2017 is, “M28-Refocused.” We will be returning to the supernatural principles of Matthew 28 for our lives today. Church growth, evangelism, church planting, social justice and other important topics will be explored. Each sermon and service will help us understand how the Great Commission impacts our ministries, our local churches, our marriages, and our lives.

Four: “Who are some of the speakers?”

We are excited to have:

  • Debleaire Snell: First SDA Church, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Keith Morris: Kansas Avenue SDA Church, Riverside, CA
  • Claybon Lea Jr.: Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Fairfield, CA.
  • Roger Bernard: President-Central States Conference of SDAs, Kansas City, KS.

And many more like: Gina Spivey Brown, Cedric Belcher, Dewaine Frazer and Nicardo Delahaye.

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes of the Friendship West Baptist Church will be our noonday speaker on Monday and will conduct a Lunch and Learn immediately following.

Five: “I heard T.D. Jakes was speaking?

Stop spreading rumors Mr. President.

Six: “Oh, ok. I heard there was a special feature this year for Bible Instructors?”

The Bradford-Cleveland-Brooks Leadership Center will be conducting two intensive learning modules for beginning and experienced Bible instructors.  These modules are a part of a first of its kind certification program at Oakwood.

Seven: “And then I heard there was something for local elders and deacons?

That’s right. The Bradford-Cleveland-Brooks Leadership Center is partnering with PELC to conduct a 2-day conference for elders and deacons just before the ministers’ conference begins. The elders and deacons will meet Saturday, December 2nd, and Sunday, December 3rd. The weekend will include a full concert by the award-winning Oakwood University Aeolians.

Eight: “Can I bring Michelle?”

Of course! Linda Penick and her committee have a full program for clergy and president’s spouses.

Nine: “What about the girls?”

Don’t push it…sir. Oh, wait. I take that back. It would be a great time for them to tour the campus.

Ten: “Boy, this has to be the cheapest registration I’ve seen for a conference like this!”

You took the words right out of my mouth, Mr. President! For those who register in May, they pay only $29. The regular registration is just $49, and onsite registration is $69. It’s cheap enough for anyone to attend. The hotels in the area are just as cheap. And if the flights into Huntsville fill up, Nashville and Birmingham are a short drive away.

So there you have it, an imaginary conversation with President Obama. Is there no limit to these cheap promotional gimmicks? Not really.

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