A Free Virtual Growth Masterclass for Pastors, Elders, and Local Church Leaders
Re-Imagine: Preparing for Your Post-Pandemic Harvest
"Discover How To Take Your Church Ministry To New Heights Amidst This New Normal!"

SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2021  •  10 aM - 12 PM CST | 11 AM - 1 PM EST
Dr. Jesse Wilson

Dr. Carlton Byrd
Dr. Donnette Blake
Pr. Richie Halverson
Dr. Roger Hernandez
Dr. Emil Peeler
Pr. Marquis Johns
Dr. G. Alexander Bryant


The End Of The Pandemic Is Just The Beginning For Your Local Church...


👉🏾 How are you going to engage members when they have gotten comfortable at home?

👉🏾 How are you going to be focused on being mission-minded when people are no longer interested in traditional worship & ministry?

👉🏾 How are you going to impact your community when you were struggling to reach them before the pandemic even started?

👉🏾 How are you going to effectively preach and teach the gospel if there is no one listening?

👉🏾 How are you going to leverage the positives of the pandemic into becoming a part of your long-term local church culture?

👉🏾 Do you have any idea how many of your members will be returning to church? 90%? 75%? 50%?

👉🏾 What is your spiritual battle plan to sustain & grow your church in this new normal?

Pondering these and other questions you need to answer in this new normal has led you to feel a mix of overwhelm, excitement, and apprehension.

All of your feelings are normal. But let’s be honest, there is nothing normal about this “new”.

So why go about doing things the way you are used to?

Before you officially move into post-pandemic ministry, you need a plan to ensure you get it right the first time. Your church’s existence depends on it!

You survived the pandemic. Now it's time to see your church thrive!

I’m Dr. Jesse Wilson, and as one of today's leading voices on evangelism and discipleship, I have a passion for people and an even greater passion for serving my fellow pastors and church leaders.

We have a great responsibility to sustain and expand the kingdom of God. And it’s a responsibility none of us take lightly.

But things are changing, and changing fast.

Just as you were hitting your stride in your ministry in the midst of a pandemic, now you have to pivot (again) and prepare yourself for post-pandemic ministry.

This is going to be one of the
most important and challenging seasons in your ministry that you will ever have to face.

💥 This new season is going to make or break churches.
💥 This new season is going to make or break pastors.
💥 This new season is going to make or break YOU.

There’s no better way to make that happen than by bringing in the leading experts, innovators and thought leaders to help you Re-Imagine your ministry and prepare you to lead your local church into a Post-Pandemic Harvest!

These spirit-led men and women of God are going to inspire, inform and equip you to move into this new season with confidence, clarity and creativity.

Dr. G. Alexander Bryant
North American Division
Dr. Bryant is the recently elected President of the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-Day Adventists. He is also the board chair at his alma mater, Oakwood University. Dr. Bryant leads the NAD with an inspired vision for spiritual and numerical growth.
Dr. Roger Hernandez
Southern Union
Dr. Hernandez is the Ministerial and Evangelism Director for the Southern Union Conference of SDA. A global traveler, passionate about expanding the kingdom of God, Dr. Hernandez has furthered the reach of the gospel through authoring 14 books including, The Pain of Planting a Church: Don’t Let Church Planting Bury You.
Dr. Carlton Byrd
Southwest Region
Dr. Byrd is the Speaker & Director of Breath of LIfe Television Ministries. Recently elected to serve as President of the Southwest Region Conference of SDA, he set the national benchmark for holistic church growth while serving as Senior Pastor of Oakwood University Church.
Dr. Donnett Blake
Northeastern Region
Dr. Blake is a nationally sought- after speaker who is currently serving as Senior Pastor of the New Dimension SDA Church in Brooklyn, NY. This pioneering evangelist is the first woman to ever be assigned to pastor a local church in the Northeastern Conference.
Marquis Johns
Southeastern California
Pastor Johns has a remarkable background that has taken him from a life of a drug dealer and rap producer to one of the most sought- after voices for progressive evangelism in the church today. He is serving as the Director for Adventist Community Services and Prison Ministry for the Southeastern California Conference of SDAs.

Dr. Emil Peeler
Allegheny East
Dr. Peeler is recognized as one of the most productive and popular pastors and evangelists in the Adventist Church. This mentor, motivational speaker and consultant on church growth currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the Capitol Hill SDA church in Washington, DC.
Richie Halversen
Pastor Halverson, author of the inspiring book, Darkness Will Not Overcome, is a determined evangelist and church planter. As the current Senior Pastor of Bowman Hills SDA Church in Tennessee, his amazing testimony of deliverance from drug addiction has encouraged 1000s of others to seek professional help and the healing hands of Jesus Christ.
Dr. Jesse Wilson
Host & Moderator
Dr. Jesse Wilson is the Director of the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council and the Bradford, Cleveland, Brooks Leadership Center on the campus of Oakwood University. He is one of the leading voices on evangelism and discipleship in the church today.
What You'll Gain During This Event

In two information-packed, inspiration-filled hours, you'll be able to:

  • Discover the best practices of leading evangelists that you can immediately implement into your own church growth plans
  • Examine emerging data and metrics from leading researchers on the pandemic’s current and future impact on church growth (you’re going to be shocked at some of these findings!)
  • Find a community of pastors & local church leaders who share your sole purpose of having a thriving ministry in a post-pandemic world
  • Learn new and creative ideas to help you and your congregation uphold the Gospel Commission of Christ
  • Connect with experts who can give you specialized help in ensuring your church is ready for the new normal
  • Develop a broader outlook and positive vision on the possibilities ministry has to offer
  • And so much more!

You owe it to yourself, your local congregation, your community, and God to put your church in a position to thrive in ministry in a post-pandemic world!

Going back into your church...

It may look the same.
It may smell the same.
It may even sound the same.


It’s not business as usual.
It’s no longer the church you thought you knew.
It may never be the same again.

And that can be a great thing...but only if you let it.

Embrace the change. Commit to the new normal. Prepare your church to play a grand part in effectively expanding the kingdom of God.


By registering for this FREE event, you are reaffirming your pledge to uphold the Gospel Commission and choosing to be a victor over circumstance, not a victim of one. 


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